Apple’s iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus


The iPhone 6 was introduced today, and there were to versions of it. The iPhone 6, and the iPhone 6 Plus.

After the feirce competition Apple had to face during the last year, with the HTC One M8, Samsung Galaxy S5, Galaxy Note 3, LG G3 and Sony Xperia Z2 being tougher than the iPhone 5S in terms of size, performance, power and specs. Apple had to do something about this, and so they did. The iPhone 6 is a huge improvement over the older iPhones.

For the design, as we have gotten used to, Apple is always serious about its designs. They have always been the best when it comes to design and build, and they still are. The iPhone 6 will use a brilliant metalic shell that, as announced, would feel amazing in your hand. They have taken away the sharp edges and gone to a round sleep corner design instead. The glass in the screen has also been improved to withstand many many more bumps before shattering.

The size of the new screen, 4.7″ is a huge improvement, and it is almost as big as the Galaxy S4 screen. It is a very good size for one handed usage. The resolution though is 1334 x 750, weird resolution, and it is essentially 720p. But it still is good! While it is not as good as the competition, which all uses 1080p now, it is still a huge jump from Apple’s older resolution. It wont be as sharp as the best Android phones out there neither, because it uses the same PPI as the iPhone 5S. The good thing about it is that the iPhone 6 will be able to upscale apps and have them working on the new screen, unlike what happened with the screen increase before on the iPhone 5.

One of the new features on the iPhone 6 is “Apple Pay” system. You can pay through your mobile. Which means Apple has finally brought NFC to the iPhone. This feature will only be available in the US for the time being though.

iPhone 6 will be using iOS8. iOS 8 is not a big improvement for the system, but it has a couple of good additions. Such as being able to see more info about something in the notification center than you currently can on iOS7. It also brings the ability to use different keyboards in a way similar to the Android keyboard switching. But it wont be available right away. They also added the “word prediction” feature that you can see on Android devices, where as you type, the keyboard would predict your next word and have it as an option to choose so you can add it instead of type it. If you haven’t used an android device before and are skeptical about this feature, trust me, it is an amazing feature that can predict a whole conversation instead of a word or two.

As for the iPhone 6 Camera, It is still 8 MP and can record to a maximum of 1080p video. No 4K yet but.. who needs 4k yet anyway?
Internally though, the camera has gotten some awesome changes. The aperture now is f2.2, which is awesome! Great for dim lights and even for background defocus. And “iSight” which is a superfast autofocus using “Focus Pixels.” I can’t wait to test the focus speed between the iSight and LG G3’s laser focus! The only down side to iPhone 6’s camera is that it uses a digital image stabilizer and not an optical one.
As for the iPhone 6 Plus, this is a HUGE change to all iPhone users out there. Literally! It comes with an awesome 5.5 screen, that is 1080P (FINALLY!).

One of the key differences between the iPhone 6 Plus camera and the iPHone 6, is that this one has OPTICAL Image stablization which is awesome. It also has the “Best Shot” camera that we’ve seen on Android devices for a while where it’d take many pictures super fast and picks the best one of them.

It will also have the one handed mode that you’d usually find on other large phones.