The Galaxy Note 4


The new Galaxy Note 4 has finally been shown, and is way better than I have expected.

The Design:
It has a metal frame, a sleightly curved 2.5D Glass, a 5.7 QUAD HD display, and is 153.5 x 78.6 x 8.5 mm.

The New Redefined S Pen, has improved pressure sensitivity making it feel like a real pen, with several new awesome features such as “Smart Select” which lets you get different material all at the same time. For example, you are going through a website and wanted to share many things that are on that website (Or many websites), what you’d usually do is take many screen shots and share them. And if you’d want to be sophisticated you’d take a screen shot, then crop it to what you want to show, then take another…etc

Now with the new “Smart Select” feature, you can just choose what you want on the website, and keep adding things to it without ever having to leave the page you’re on. When done you’d have all the things you selected ready to be shared.

Another feature that totally got my attention was that you could use it as if you’re using a mouse, like click-and-drag, and actually selecting many items at once by draging the pen over them. Also, if you’re reading something and you wanted to copy a couple of lines in it for example, you’d usually select that line, copy it, then paste it somewhere. Then select the other line, that is if those lines weren’t connected. I mean one in the first paragraph and the other on the third paragraph for example. Now with the new S Pen features you can actually select a line from Paragraph 1, then also select another line from Paragraph 3, and copy them together.



Now we move to the camera,
The Galaxy Note 4 has a brighter back and front cameras. The back camera is 16 MP, has an LED Flash, and a new OIS that makes it awesome for taking pictures in dim lights, and also capturing moving objects. With a new feature called SnapNote, which for example helps you in class. If you take a picture of the board, no matter from what angle, it will fix the board for you and make it as if you screenshotted the board! And you can then write your notes underneath. I find it awesome.

What surprised me is the huge improvement on the front camera though! First of all it is 3.7 MP! And what’s even more amazing is that it has a very fast and bright 1.9F! So even in low low lights it will perform amazingly! Samsung has also jumped on the *Selfie* trend now, and made improvements for the front camera to match the need of all you selfie kings and queens! It also has a wide-selfie mode which can make you take one with a big background, panoramic kind of! They showed a live demo of it and it was awesome!



Some of the other features they mentioned were:
Improved battery consumption that improved the battery life by 7.5%
Fast Charging where you could go from 0% to 50% in around 30 minutes.
It has three microphones for voice recording, And can record from 8 different directions.


Also the Galaxy freebies! When you purchase the Galaxy Note there’d be lots of apps that are free only to you as a Galaxy Note 4 user, and what stood out for me, even though it isn’t new, is a 50 GB Dropbox Subscription for 2 years! All yours for free!

The Galaxy Note 4 is coming this October, and it will be available in white, black, gold and pink.
Another version of the note 4 was also announced,
The Galaxy Note Edge,

Now this device is even more amazing!
The device has a curved screen that extends all the way to the edge of the phone, so if you put it on the table for example and get a notification, the screen doesn’t have to turn on, only the side screen will and it will scroll your notification to you. It looks amazing and futuristic! That screen can show notifications, can have some app shortcuts, and even camera touch-buttons for photoshooting, which would feel like a real camera!